London retailers give up on calling the police as crime Surges

London retailers give up on calling the police as crime Surges

As crime continues to skyrocket in London, upmarket store Fortnum and Mason has given up on calling the police to catch shoplifters and has instead opted to hire its own security to apprehend thieves. 

Responding to the company’s decision to use its own security, the Metropolitan police said that businesses "were entitled to employ security companies to provide additional safety for themselves or their premises."

“Home Office figures published in April revealed that shoplifting prosecutions had fallen to an all-time low,” the Telegraph reported.  “Just one in six (16.8 percent) shoplifting offences reported to police resulted in a charge, nearly half the rate of 30.8 percent five years previously.”

In 2021 alone there were 31,502 shoplifting incidents between 2020 and 2021 in London as reported by My London News

Police departments across the United Kingdom are failing to respond to some crimes, citing a lack of resources. 

Car theft alone in the U.K. has effectively been decriminalized, with only 271 thefts out of 55,000 being solved, representing a 0.5% success rate, according to an analysis of Home Office Data, per the Telegraph.  

In 2015, the head of the National Police Chiefs’ Council said that due to a lack of resources, some burglaries would not be attended to. In 2018, it was revealed almost two-thirds of burglaries were not investigated. 

London is not the only city to experience a surge in smash-and-grab crimes in broad daylight. The explosion in crime is happening all across Democrat-run cities in the United States, as well as New Zealand







By Ian Miles Cheong